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Frequently asked questions

Q. What does "ALDA" stand for?
Association of Late-Deafened Adults. ALDA Chicago was founded by late-deafened people, but now welcomes people with all degrees of hearing loss.

Q. How does ALDA Chicago help late-deafened and hard of hearing people?

A.  We provide a support network and a sense of belonging to all late-deafened individuals. We share our unique experiences and coping strategies with one another. We help each other find practical solutions to our common problems.  Our workshops and socials provide opportunities for late-deafened and hard of hearing people to enjoy themselves, learn, meet friends and communicate without being judged as flawed or inadequate.  And we work with other organizations and service providers for our common good.

Q. What does it cost to become a member?
A. Annual chapter dues are $15 for individuals and $25 for businesses and organizations. Dues for the national organization, ALDA Inc., are separate from and in addition to ALDA Chicago chapter dues. Learn more about ALDA Inc. membership.

Q. How do I find out about the socials events, workshops and other activities?
A. Upcoming events sponsored by ALDA Chicago are listed on our Events page. They are also advertised in our newsletter, ALDA Chicago Style, which every member receives.

Q.  How do I get additional information or ask other questions about ALDA?
Send an email to  One of the board members or committee chairs will contact you and will be happy to answer any questions and/or provide whatever information you may need.

Q.  If I join ALDA Chicago, what will my membership mean for me?

A.  As a member you will get, among other things:
  • The support of others who, like you, have shared the experience of hearing loss.
  • Networking opportunities, guidance and referral services to help you deal more effectively with situations resulting from your hearing loss.
  • A variety of events – house parties, workshops, conferences and other get-togethers – that allow members to socialize and exchange ideas and information.
  • ALDA Chicago’s bi-monthly newsletter, ALDA Chicago Style, which features stories written by members and non-members relating their first-hand accounts of their hearing loss experiences. It also contains up-to-date news and information on a wide variety of topics of interest and importance to late-deafened adults.
  • An opportunity to learn about and practice a broad range of communication techniques and coping strategies.
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